Building Virtual Network Management Scenarios

K. Voderhobli and C. Pattinson (UK)


Network Management, simulation, training


With the applicability of corporate networks on the rise, the demand for effective network managers with appropriate skills is a serious requirement. Organisations must leave all options open, including the one of having to train their own computer systems personnel on network management skills. With the possibility of the above, serious thought needs to be focused on the training scenario to be adopted. Providing trainees with hands on experience is a basic solution for acquiring skilled network managers. However, such a training scenario must ensure that there is no interference to live networks of an organisation at any level. In the forefront exists the possibility of using virtual network management tools, aimed at trainee network managers and researchers. The content presented in this paper is in direct relevance to the research work currently being conducted by researchers at the Leeds Metropolitan University (Leeds Met), and adds to the list of previous publications associated with this research. This paper explains set of processes and design paradigms, which lead to a newly developed simulation system for trainee network managers.

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