Comparison of SBOD and MBOD Under SPC-1 Traffic

T. Courtney and F. Chevalier (UK)


RAID, MBOD, SBOD, storage system, Fibre Channel, Storage Performance Council.


In this paper, we compare the performance of SBOD and MBOD architectures for storage systems using a command profile based on the Storage Performance Council (SPC-1) Benchmark. The performance comparisons include changes in the strip size, in the number of disks and in the intra-enclosure transmission rate (2Gbps and 4Gbps). We show that performance is maximised with 16kbyte strips and that SBOD performance is up to 120% better than MBOD for large strips; the MBOD becoming bandwidth limited at 2Gbps. We also show that an SBOD with an intra-enclosure transmission rate of 2Gbps matches the performance achievable by 4Gbps MBOD/SBOD when loaded with SPC-1 traffic.

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