Distances in Generalized Double Rings and Degree Three Chordal Rings

J.M. Pedersen, T.M. Riaz, and O.B. Madsen (Denmark)


Interconnection Networks, Broadband Networks, Plan ning, Interconnection Topologies, Network Structures.


Generalized Double Rings (N2R) are compared to Degree Three Chordal Rings (CR) in terms of average distance, di ameter, k-average distance and k-diameter. For each num ber of nodes, structures of each class are chosen to mini mize diameter and average distance, an approach which is shown to result in all other parameters being either mini mized or nearly minimized. Average distance and diameter are compared for all structures with up to 1000 nodes, and k-average distances and k-diameters for all structures with up to 400-900 nodes. N2R are shown to be superior with regard to these parameters, especially for large structures.

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