SCCB Cluster System – Synchronization and Pseudo Global Clock Counter System

K. Hayakawa (Japan)


Beowulf cluster, Synchronization, Barrier, Performance measurement, Network interface, MPI


This paper introduces SCCB1 cluster system in which SCC PCI boards are implemented. SCCB cluster is built using PCs(32nodes) for processor, and two networks. SCC PCI boards allow to fast barrier synchronization mechanism and PGCCS2 .In order to perform fast synchronization, each SCC board is connected by a new type of network, and checks completion of barrier by hardware. PGCCS allows us to measure execution times accurately on the Beowulf clusters. In performance evaluation, SCC board plugged into 32-nodes PC cluster achieves barrier latency of 3.2 s. Time difference errors of PGCCS were smaller (1/100) than that of a conventional method using MPI Barrier.

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