Dynamic and Adaptive Parallel Task Processing on Grid Service Architecture

Y.-S. Jeong, E.-H. Song (Korea), and C.-Z. Xu (USA)


Grid Computing, Parallel Computing, Distributed Computing, High Performance Computing, Web Service.


The Internet is showing a potential of forming of a supercomputing resource out of networked computers. It is to harness the combined resources of millions of computers connected to the Internet, forming a powerful heterogeneous computing environment for running coarse-grain parallel applications. The parallel distributed processing has the high cost-performance ratio application on the Internet. The Internet also has some of unpredictable varieties such as heterogeneity of hosts, various states of hosts, performance of each host to be support continuously, and the number of hosts which are participated in computation and so on. For considering the property of Internet, this paper should provide Grid Service Architecture called Parallel Distributed Processing(PDP) which is a parallel computing framework implemented with Java for parallel computing over the Internet. Therefore, for the parallel processing on the Internet, we propose the strategy of uniform task allocation, CPU performance task allocation, and adaptive task allocation based on CPU performance. This paper also shows an algorithm of dynamic host management, which is changed by the number of host during execution time on PDP. Finally, this paper presents the architecture, the message passing protocol and control flow of PDP and shows the results of performance evaluation for cockpit algorithms on PDP.

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