The Blackboard Resource Discovery Mechanism for Distributed Computing Over Peer-to-Peer Networks

N.A. Al-Dmour and W.J. Teahan (UK)


BRDM, Peer-to-Peer, distributed computing, and search algorithms.


Peer-to-Peer computing has emerged in the last few years as an alternative to the traditional client/server model. The Blackboard Resource Discovery Mechanism (BRDM) facilitates the discovery of objects (files) in P2P network. We show in this paper that BRDM can also be used to find idle computers in a Peer-to-Peer network and exploits their CPU cycles to work together on solving a computational problem. We analyze the performance of BRDM in comparison with other searching algorithms. The simulations show that BRDM outperforms other algorithms discovering more idle peers than other approaches with fewer number of query messages.

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