Jet-Lag, Java Heterogeneous Log Analysis on the Grid: Architecture, Implementation and Performance Evaluation

F. Lombardi and R. Puccinelli (Italy)


Grid Computing, Performance Evaluation, Distributed Ap plications


This paper describes a new Grid application which per forms analysis of log files conforming to several different standard formats. In order to exploit the potential execu tion parallelism of the Grid, we designed and developed a software architecture which splits log files into smaller fragments which are then analyzed independently, possi bly in parallel, using computing resources available in a Grid environment. We present the distributed architecture of our Grid log analyzer and describe Jet-Lag, our first Java implementation. We then propose an experimental setting to test Jet-Lag functionality and performance on a Data Grid test-bed. First experimental results show that Grid log analysis with the proposed software architecture is feasi ble and effective. Performance, as expected for a first Java prototype implementation, is not yet optimal, but main bot tlenecks have been identified. A considerable amount of experimental data has been collected that will provide ref erence material for further investigation.

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