A Framework for Content Management in a Network of Deeply Embedded Systems

S. Dissanaike and P. Wijkman (Sweden)


Telematics, Service Platform, Deeply Embedded System, Java, OSGI


Telematics is a combination of telecommunications and informatics and it is used, for example, in the automotive industry. A telematics platform is a platform that enables the use of services for a user. Examples of typical services are remote diagnostics and remote monitoring. The telematics platforms that are available today do not target deeply embedded devices. In this paper we propose a framework that enables content management in a network of embedded systems. Our service platform targets applications were for example an OSGI-solution or other similar telematics solutions are not cost-effective enough. A service platform that manages telematics services has to be based on open standards and utilize the emerging Internet technologies in order ease the development of both the platform and the services. Our service platform targets the kind of networks that are commonly found in automotive/marine systems. Our framework is based on open standards, emerging Internet technologies and commonly accepted development environments. We have implemented a service platform that is based on this framework. It has been tested and used successfully used in a commercial environment. The result presented in this paper is the culmination of several years of research within this field.

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