Designing Primary Responder Applications with Web Services in a Hostile Environment

S.C. Graham, M.J. Oudshoorn, and D. Galarus (USA)


Web Services, Hostile Environment, First Responder


Software products used by primary responders to critical situations in remote places need access to real-time data with little user involvement in a hostile environment. Web services provide a mechanism of obtaining this information but their varying consistency and cost require the developer to design software capable of operating under a variety of agency constraints and data availability scenarios. Adding to this problem is the unreliability of network connections and slow best-case network speed when the product is used in isolated places. The complexity of a critical situation poses the software with a dynamic set of priorities to further complicate the problem. A flexible architecture model and pre-deployment prioritization scheme is proposed that will allow a developer to design a product tailored to agency-specific requirements and can choose the best path to the needed data based on the system and situation status.

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