Remote Agent for Conformance Testing of Timed-Automata

A. Stulman (France), S. Bloch (France, Israel), and H.G. Mendelbaum (Israel, France)


Timed automata, testing, remote testing, network environment.


The new field of testing of timed-IUT (Implementation Under Test with time constraints) is rapidly evolving, with new and extended test generation methods using timed automata. In all methods, however, it is assumed that the test is conducted locally, with the assumption that there are instant communication times for the transferring of data between the tester and the timed-IUT. In this paper we wish to extend the testing methods to function from remote locations as well; such that we will not assume instant data transfers. We propose a method, which allows the tester to send a testing agent to be added to the timed IUT, using any underlying communication network, although its' transfer time is unknown. We propose a remote testing architecture with a general algorithm for the testing agent, such that receiving of output by the tester prior to the sending of the next input in the testing sequence is not restricted. An example is given to show the relevance of this method in critical time context.

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