A Generic HLA-based Communication Architecture for Distributed Virtual Environments

D.N.B. Ta, S. Zhou, and H. Shen (Singapore)


Distributed Virtual Environments, High Level Architecture, Communication Architectures.


Distributed Virtual Environments (DVEs) are distributed systems that allow multiple geographically distributed users to interact concurrently in a shared virtual world. With recent advances in computer graphics, network technologies and CPU processing power, DVEs are very popular nowadays. These systems are currently used in many different types of application, such as collaborative design, military training, e-learning, multi-player games, etc. In general, the most important requirements for DVEs are scalability, consistency and responsiveness. The communication architecture of DVEs is one of the key factors that should be considered to address these requirements. In this paper, we describe a communication architecture for DVEs based on the High Level Architecture (HLA). A prototype implementation with this architecture, the prey-predator federation, is also presented together with some preliminary characterization experiments and results.

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