An Integrative Framework for Traffic Telematics Web Services

T. Osman (UK), M. Serra, O. Delode (France), E. Peytchev (UK), and T. Huet (France)


Traffic telematics, multi-modal transport, web services composition


Prompt access to traffic and travel information allows road users to choose the appropriate mode of transport (private car, various public transports) and thus ease the pressure on the congested city roads. In this paper we investigate the use of the Web Services technology to expose traffic telematics applications to the travelling public. We developed several traffic telematics Web Services and then composed them into an integrative framework that advises users on the appropriate mode of transport for their specific journeys. Two approaches were investigated for Web services integration: The first relies on manually programming the integration middleware to compose a complex journey advice service from the basic Web Services. The second utilizes BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) to compose the execution flow of the integrated services at the Web Services description (WSDL) level. The performance of the resultant service was evaluated to determine the optimal selection criteria for each approach.

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