Assessment of Message Missing Failures in CAN-based Systems

H. Salmani and S.G. Miremadi (Iran)


Controller Area Network, Fault Injection, Message Missing Failures.


This paper presents a simulation-based environment to study fault effects in message missing failures in CAN based systems. A CAN controller is modeled by VHDL at behavioral level and is exploited to set up a network composed of several nodes. A total of 27,000 transient faults of seven types are injected into five critical portions of the system including the bus and four portions of the CAN controller. The experimental results show that the faults affect the message sending in which more than 20% of faults cause the failure. Besides, with a heavy workload, faults that are occurred into the CAN controller and on the bus cause about 90% and 10% of all failures, respectively.

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