Class-based Guarantees of Relative Delay Services in Web Servers

C. Oottamakorn (Thailand)


Web server, QoS, delay differentiated guarantees, resource management, scheduling algorithm, feedback control.


Emerging broadband networks and applications have changed the way of web server's QoS provision. Providing new various broadband services in the Internet has merely accelerated the requirements in the design of web servers to support class-based QoS, where each class of applications requires different delay of responses. A resource manage ment and scheduling algorithm is presented to provide rela tive delays differentiated guarantees to classes of incoming requests at a QoS-aware web server. One of the key results of our work is the development of an efficient procedure for capturing the predictive traffic characteristics and perfor mances by monitoring ongoing traffic arrivals. This allows the web server's resource management by determining suf ficient server resource for each traffic class in order to meet its delay requirements. In order to achieve a self-stabilizing performance in delay QoS guarantees, we implement an adaptive feedback control mechanism. Key features of the proposed approach are its scalable implementation and the effectiveness of QoS controls it extends. We also present the simulation results, which demonstrate algorithm's effi ciency in handling multi-class requests.

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