Performance Evaluation and Implementation Details for the CORBA A/V Stream Service for Video Communications

F. Garcia-Sanchez, A.-J. Garcia-Sanchez, and J. Garcia-Haro (Spain)


Middleware, A/V streaming, performance evaluation.


The CORBA A/V Stream service is a specification of the OMG (Object Management Group) for transmission of audio and video flows employing a middleware communication platform. This service is included in several CORBA implementations (i.e. ORBIX, ACE/TAO). However, the utilization of middleware for video flows transmission is still infrequent. Some reasons lie in the natural transmission delay introduced by CORBA and the CPU overhead caused by compression techniques and different layer processing. These may be minor issues for some type of data transmissions, but not for video. Therefore, it is interesting to study and improve the features of the service, especially for high rate raw video transmission. Raw video transmission is required for different applications including military, medical and surveillance ones. This paper describes the development of a model for high bit-rate video transmission. It is intensively tested, enhancing their strongpoint. Additionally, some statistical results for the metrics of interest are shown and discussed.

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