Integration of a Dynamic Object Replication Framework in Enterprise JavaBeans

T. Strauß and O. Theel (Germany)


Distributed Systems, Fault Tolerance, Availability, Enterprise JavaBeans


Enterprise JavaBeans offer excellent possibilities for the abstraction of multi-tier applications. Due to their per sistency features, entity beans are best suited for describ ing them by their object state. Furthermore, by the use of dynamic replication schemes --in comparison to static replication schemes-- a tremendous increase of read and write operation availabilities can be achieved. In this pa per, we present a solution of how to conveniently exploit dynamic replication for Enterprise JavaBeans. More pre cisely, we show how entity beans can be made highly available through the use of dynamic replication in an al most transparent manner from the Java application pro grammer's perspective. The approach uses a general and very flexible framework which allows the adoption of a large number of dynamic replication schemes. We show how the framework can be integrated such that its use is easy for Java application programmers: no expert knowl edge of replication is required from the programmers point of view.

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