An Implementation of a Failure Detector for Local Computations in Graphs

B. Hamid and M. Mosbah (France)


Failure detector, Local computations, Distributed algorithms, Fault-tolerant algorithms


Local computations, and particularly, graph relabeling sys tems are suitable to describe and study distributed algo rithms. A software tool, called Visidia, and a general method have been developed to implement and visualize distributed algorithms encoded by local computations. In this paper, we deal with the problem of failures and in vestigate it by means of local computations. We exhibit a set of local computation rules to describe failure detectors. We present a protocol intended to implement an eventu ally perfect failure detector P. Moreover, we have devel oped an interface based on the Visidia library to simulate faults through a graphical user interface and visualize the dynamic execution of the failure detector algorithm. The use of local computations to encode failure detector algo rithms allows us to easily implement them. In addition, we can combine them with other distributed algorithms yield ing a unified and simple framework to describe and study fault tolerant algorithms.

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