Modelling and Analysis of Agent Mobility Patterns by Discrete-Time Markov Chains

G. Fortino, M. Marzilli, and W. Russo (Italy)


Modelling, Reliability Analysis, Mobile Agents, MarkovChains, Timing Analysis


This paper proposes an approach for the modeling and analysis of autonomous agent mobility patterns which is based on discrete-time Markov chains graphically enhanced to improve modularity. Mobility patterns are associated to autonomous agents when they have to fulfil a distributed task involving migration to remote agent servers where agent computation and/or interaction can likely take place. Two kinds of analysis can be performed on the obtained models: reliability and time analysis. Reliability analysis relies on statistical/mathematical tools and allows for testing the reliability of agent patterns carried out on non-completely reliable networks of agent servers. Time analysis is based on an appositely defined analytical simulation framework and enables the evaluation of time-related performance indexes. Using this approach, several types of patterns were identified, modeled, and analysed: ping-pong, itinerary and free walk. They can be associated to classes of agent tasks in specific application domains.

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