A Survey of Distributed Probe-based Deadlock Detection Algorithms and an Improvement for Solving False Deadlock

R. Hosseini and A.T. Haghighat (Iran)


Distributed deadlock detection, probe-based, false deadlock.


Distributed deadlock detection is one of the most important problems in distributed systems. Over the two past decades many algorithms have been proposed in the literature to detect deadlock in distributed systems. Although many of them fail to detect deadlocks or report deadlocks that does not exist (false deadlocks) and have been proved that are incorrect. The most important and applicable class of distributed deadlock detection algorithms is probe-based algorithms. In this paper existing distributed probe-based deadlock detection algorithms have been classified and a survey including correctness of them and their constraints and conditions have been introduced. Also an improvement for removing of false deadlock with considering process termination or transaction abortion in this class of algorithms has been presented.

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