Two Novel Methods for Reducing Communication Overhead in Recovery of Failure

M. Jahanshahi, K. Mostafavi, M.S. Kordafshari, M. Gholipour, and A.T. Haghighat (Iran)


Distributed systems, epoch, RPC, orphan, dedicated servers, adaptive.


In RPC1 framework if a client requests something from server, and immediately before response to come back it crashes, a process shall be performed that no parent is waiting for response. The said process which has no parent is called "orphan". This is mostly called "crash- orphan". But other one which causes orphan process is called abort orphan in which parent's process is aborted [1].orphans are undesirable because they waste system resources and because may make inconsistent data [2]. In this paper we present two new methods for orphan detection and discus these approaches to prevent waste of resources and processor cycles. In other section we compare our new methods with the older ones. In the last section we introduce some interesting subjects to the future works.

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