A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Process Scheduling in Distributed Operating Systems Considering Load Balancing

A.T. Haghighat and M. Nikravan (Iran)


Distributed systems, scheduling, genetic algorithm, simulated annealing , load balancing.


This paper presents and evaluates a new method for process scheduling in distributed systems. Scheduling in distributed operating systems has a significant role in overall system performance and throughput. An efficient scheduling is vital for system performance. The scheduling in distributed systems is known as an NP complete problem even in the best conditions, and methods based on heuristic search have been proposed to obtain optimal and suboptimal solutions. In this paper, we combine the power of genetic algorithms and simulated annealing to solve this problem considering load balancing efficiently. We evaluate the performance and efficiency of the proposed algorithm in comparison with other existing traditional and heuristic algorithms using simulation results. The proposed GA-Based algorithm has overcome the existing algorithms considering running time.

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