Computer Simulation of Topical Knee Cooling

R. Trobec, M. Šterk, S. AlMawed, and M. Veselko (Slovenia)


computer simulation, knee injury, topical cooling, parallel algorithms


Local topical cooling with ice packs or cryo-cuffs are often used after surgery or after knee injuries. Parallel computer simulation was used to study temperature changes in the knee. A three-dimensional computer model of the knee, derived from Visible Human Dataset, was used. The model is made from cubes, with a spatial resolution of 1 mm. Explicit Finite Difference method and temperature diffusion equation were used in simulating of non-homogenous knee tissue. Two different simulations were performed: cooling with liquid water at a constant temperature (cryo-cuff), and topical cooling with an ice pack surrounded by the ambient at room temperature. The simulated results are compared and discussed.

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