UPnP AV Architecture – Generic Interface Design and Java Implementation

A. Bobek, H. Bohn, and F. Golatowski (Germany)


UPnP AV, Interface design, Java, Stack


This paper describes the UniRo Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Audio Video (AV) stack that was implemented in Java programming language. The UniRo UPnP AV Stack is a software component that can be used to develop AV applications (MediaServer, MediaRenderer, and AV Control Points). The AV interfaces form the core of this component. They provide a typing layer to access AV devices and AV services. AV interfaces hide the complexity of UPnP AV architecture and singularity of specific underlying UPnP stacks. AV applications written to this stack are portable to other UPnP stacks without changing the source code.

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