Extending the CAMX Middleware Architecture for Reconfigurability using Services and Enabling Distributed Deployment

I.M. Delamer, J.L. Martinez Lastra, and R. Tuokko (Finland)


Electronic data interchange; Message systems; Manufacturing automation; Manufacturing automation software; Middleware; Message Oriented Middleware.


Current implementations of CAMX middleware fall short of providing autonomous configuration and scalable deployment. This paper proposes architectural enhancements targeted at overcoming these challenges. Firstly, configuration functionality has been developed as a set of extension services. These services are published using a JXTA peer-to-peer infrastructure, enabling newcomer CAMX equipment and software applications to join the domain and autonomously discover and configure the middleware for their needs. This peer-to-peer platform is additionally utilized to provide organization and routing between distributed broker nodes, which become peers. The enhancements leverage the current architecture, and thus provide full backwards compatibility with existing implementations.

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