Policy Controlled Automated Management of Distributed and Embedded Service Systems

S. Illner, H. Krumm, A. Pohl, I. Lück, D. Manka, and T. Sparenberg (Germany)


Model-based Management, Automation, GRBAC, Ab stract Modeling


The management of distributed service systems is a com plex task as changes in the system and the environment may induce reconfiguration tasks to be handled. In this pa per, we deal with the automated reconfiguration of service oriented, embedded systems. Depending on the environ ment such a system encounters, some of the services may need to be reconfigured depending on certain conditions like temperature or battery state. In our approach, the task of automatic adaptation to a changing environment is di vided into two parts: At design time, various configurations are generated for a service and are mapped to specific en vironmental conditions. For this we adopt the approach of model-based management and GRBAC to ease the creation of complex management policies. At runtime, a reconfig uration service gets aware of changes in the environment, selects the appropriate configurations for the services it is responsible for, and enforces the new configurations.

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