Service based Bluetooth Dual-Hop Networks using CORBA

A.R. Vedral and J.F. Wollert (Germany)


Network Architectures, Mobile Computing, Middleware Layer, Dual-Hop Networking, Bluetooth


Today hotspots like train stations, ticket stores and airports, often have an existing wired communication based infras tructure, e.g. IEEE 802.3-Ethernet, given by the premises. Additional these hotspots are equipped with computers (tills, scanners) which are connected among each other by a LAN. This paper shows a quit different approach to build up a Bluetooth network which can fully provide these hotspots with wireless information and services like online buying, in house telephony, pushing commercial advertis ing and timetables. For installing this system only a few of Bluetooth modules will be needed who extend the existing infrastructure by bluetooth interfaces.

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