Quality of Service and Proactive Content Replication in UPnP based A/V Environments

M. Ditze, C. Loeser, H. Bohn, A. Bobek, and F. Golatowski (Germany)


Service Oriented Architecture, Quality of Service, UPnP, Devices Profile for Web Services, SIRENA


Multimedia Applications e.g. Video/Audio streaming increasingly strive for deployment in distributed and domain spanning networking environments. In order to ensure the service interoperability between content servers and rendering devices across heterogeneous platforms, distributed middleware approaches offer promising concepts (e.g. Service Oriented Architectures). The UPnP forum has developed a platform-neutral architectural framework that specifies a set of well defined service discovery and access routines concealed behind a unified set of protocols and their APIs. While UPnP supports service interoperability additional service extensions are required to satisfy requirements as imposed by many multimedia applications. These requirements cover QoS support from the application source to the sink which entails the encapsulation of signalling services that allow for resource reservation on network and end-devices. Furthermore we introduce a proactive content replication paradigm: According to popularity forecasts it is possible to create replicas of e.g. movie content to avoid hot-spots maintaining very popular content in large scale networks. The contribution of this paper is to identify domain spanning distributed multimedia scenarios and describe the challenges for developing enhancing services to the UPnP framework that help to establish them.

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