Application of Adaptive Tabu Search to System Identification

D. Puangdownreong, K.-N. Areerak, K.-L. Areerak, T. Kulworawanichpong, and S. Sujitjorn (Thailand)


Adaptive tabu search, polymer melts, cart-plus-pendulum, and harmonic identification


This paper presents uses of the adaptive tabu search (ATS) method to identify system model parameters. With its adaptive mechanisms, namely back-tracking and adaptive search radius, the ATS is more efficient than its predecessor, the original tabu search (TS). In this paper, not only the algorithms of the ATS, but also the proof of its finite convergence is provided. Examples of polymer melts, cart-plus-pendulum, and power system harmonic are employed to evaluate the effectiveness of using the ATS method for parameter identification.

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