Nonlinear Modeling and PWM Integrated Controller Design for a Pneumatic Actuator

E.A. Semerci and Ö. Ateşoğlu (Turkey)


Dynamic Modeling, Parametric Identification, PWM, Control, Optimization.


The objective of this study is to improve a readily existing, on-off controlled pneumatic actuation system. The study primarily focused on modeling of that system. A nonlinear model and a linear model are built. The nonlinear modeling is formed by applying parameter identification based optimization. And, linear modeling is based on linear time invariant system fitting by using system identification techniques and linearization. Afterwards, different PWM schemes are studied to cascade with the identified models. And a hybrid PWM scheme is introduced to the open loop model. A discrete position controller is designed on that hybrid PWM scheme and identified plant model showing the best performance. Success of the controller is also tested for an artificial torque disturbance which is possible to act on the load shaft during its operation.

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