Multi-Loop Control Scheme of a Cement Kiln

A.-C. Witsel, V. Barbieux, C. Renotte, and M. Remy (Belgium)


Cement kiln, Dynamic model, Multi-loop PI control


The quality of clinker, and thus of cement, highly de pends on the temperature profile in the kiln during the burn ing process and the design of efficient control structures is therefore fundamental. The objective of cement kiln con trol is to reduce the disturbing effects in the kiln in order to produce good and constant quality clinker. In this contribution, a simulation study of a multi-loop control scheme, designed using a frequency approach, is proposed. It takes into account the interactions between the different variables. Furthermore, this control structure only uses two PI controllers and is so well suited for a possible industrial implementation. The simulation of the behaviour of the cement kiln is performed using a dynamic model. The implementation of this model gives us an interesting simulation tool for the design of the control structure. Different kinds of disturbances were considered to test the control efficiency. In all these case studies, the disturbance effects were correctly reduced and the MIMO control scheme proposed leads thus to good performances.

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