Implementation of H2 Optimal Controller with Integral Action

J. Mikleš, M. Fikar, L'. Čirka, and L. Dermíšek (Slovak Republic)


H2 optimization, control system design, polynomial solution


This paper deals with H2 control with integral action. The paper presents the polynomial approach to H2 optimization problem. The standard H2 design procedure does not give a controller with integral action. There are several ways to introduce it. One approach is to augment the plant with an integrator before starting the design and then to use this integrator as a part of final controller. The transfer function of the augmented plant in our case can have two forms. The resulting H2 controller stabilizes the plant and makes the 2 norm between the disturbance of measurement and the weighted output finite. The designed H2 optimal controller with integral action was realized and used by Mathworks/dSPACE tools: DSP Controller Board DS1102, MATLAB suite, and ControlDesk.

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