A Robust 2DOF PID Controller Design for Time-Delay Systems based on H2 Optimization

T. Kawabe (Japan)


2DOF(2 degrees of freedom), PID controller, Minimax de sign approach, Time-delay system, H2 performance


This paper presents a design method of robust PID con troller with two degrees of freedom (2DOF PID controller) for the singel-input-single-output (SISO) plants with a time-delay and parametric uncertaintyies based on the H2 optimization. In this method via minimax optimization, the adjustable parameters of the 2DOF PID controller are cho sen so as to minimize the two H2 performance measures maximized by the plant parameters in the given bounded set. A novel feature of the present paper lies in the exact computation of the H2 performance measures to reduce the conservativeness. Numerical examples show the effective ness of the proposed approach.

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