Wave Theory Applied to Vibration Control of Elastic Robot Arms

T.W. Yang and W.J. O'Connor (Ireland)


Elastic robot arm, lumped system, wave propagation, position control, vibration absorption


A vibration suppression strategy is presented in this paper to implement fast and accurate position control of an elastic robot arm. It is based on a non-uniform lumped mass-spring-damper model of a real, elastic robot arm and the interpretation of vibratory behaviour in the form of waveform propagation and modal response. It allows the endpoint of the elastic robot arm to achieve nearly vibrationless motion with only actuator position feedback, and does not require real-time vibration measurements. From the motion start-up, the controller continuously absorbs the vibratory wave energy inside the elastic robot arm, so as to eliminate the effect of the elastic vibration waves on the endpoint position accuracy. Simulation results show that the presented strategy is very good at suppressing the vibration of an elastic robot arm while implementing fast and precise point-to-point control.

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