Kinematic Model of Three Links Robot for Generating Elliptical Path

M.-H. Hsu, J.-Y. Liu, and L.-C. Hsieh (Taiwan)


: model, planetary gear train, ellipsograph, robot


Presently, the major types of configurations of ellipsograph mechanisms have one degree of freedom and can be divided into two: link type mechanism and planetary gear train. Such ellipsograph mechanisms can be used to construct ellipses with varying major and minor radii. This paper aims to develop a kinematic model in designing a new configuration of an ellipsograph mechanism with two degrees of freedom. Based on existing topological structures analysis of ellipsograph mechanisms in planetary gear trains, the equations of motion have been derived and the corresponding design constraints of the mechanisms determined. Using the design constraints, the paper design a new ellipsograph mechanism that is a three links robot and has two degrees of freedom. Subsequently, an elliptical path of a point on the three links robot is simulated by computer drawing to prove the feasibility of proposed theory.

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