An Alternative Newton-Raphson Power Flow Method based on Current-Balanced Equations

T. Kulworawanichpong, T. Ratniyomchai, P. Pao-la-or, and B. Borriboon (Thailand)


Power flow solution, Newton-Raphson method, currentbalanced equations


This paper introduces a new approach for Newton Raphson power flow calculation, which is based on the current-balanced principle rather than the widely-used power principle. This concept leads to the replacement of the power-balanced equations that are broadly used by conventional Newton-Raphson power flow methods for over half a century. The use of non-linear current equations can noticeably simplify the power flow problem but therefore requires new derivation of Jacobian matrices. Although the equations have been changed, the proposed power flow method still has quadratic convergence as the original does. To assess the effectiveness of the developed method in comparison with the conventional Newton-Raphson, 6-bus, IEEE 24-bus and IEEE 57-bus test systems were tested. Furthermore, the test results confirm that the execution time is greatly reduced when the proposed method is applied while the comparative convergence curves between them are, slightly and insignificantly, different.

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