The Importance of Arterial Compliance, When Blood Flows and Pressures are Assumed to be Random Processes

A. Vrettos (USA)


Arterial Compliance, Stationary Process, Ergodic Process, Autocorrelation, Spectral Density, Compliance, Windkessel Model.


It has long been suspected that Arterial Compliance or the elasticity of the arterial wall is important. It is currently debated whether Compliance is simply a marker of disease or a risk factor. Adopting the 3-element Windkessel Model for our Analysis we attempt to derive a Mathematical Formula demonstrating the importance of Arterial Compliance in the Energetic Efficiency of the Arterial System. We found that the Arterial Compliance reduces the Power requirements on the heart by reducing the Spectral Density of the oscillatory components of Aortic Flow before they reach the high-resistance parts of the Circulation.

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