FEM Modelling and Simulation of Corneal Tissue Behaviour, based on Incisions at Human Eyes

K.P. Scherer, H. Guth, P. Stiller (Germany), and W. Wackernagel (Austria)


Human eye, corneal incision, biomechanical tissue behaviour, deformation, surgical intervention.


For refractive corneal surgery and cataract operations to replace a darkened lens in human eyes, incision techniques are used at ophthalmic hospitals. By partial incisions (about 80% into the cornea) a special tissue deformation desired can be induced, to correct different types of ametropia. When making incisions through all corneal layers to operate human lenses howewer post operative stability and change of elasticity of the cornea still is an unsolved problem. At the Institute for Applied Computer Science of the Karlsruhe Research Centre, FEM methods are used, to model parameterised incisions. By means of biomechanical simulations, the deformations and stress distributions of the corneal tissue can be predicted. This is very important for determining the post-operative tissue behaviour and for optical simulations that provide information about the thus induced vision quality.

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