An On-Hand 3D Acquisition Technique based on Tri-Aperture Lens Configuration

I.-C. Chang, B.-T. Chen, and C.-L. Huang (Taiwan)


Color decomposition, 3D hand-held camera, tri-aperture lens, correlation and speckle pattern


The paper presents a portable 3D acquisition system to get the depth information from a single snap shot. Traditionally, a stereo system needs two cameras to reconstruct the 3D shape. We propose a technique which can be applied to the commercial digital signal camera, and make the 2D camera be able to capture 3D information. The proposed system contains three components: a flash, a commercial camera, and a tri aperture lens. A hierarchical pseudo sub-pixel correlation algorithm is proposed to compute the disparity vectors at a fast speed. It is an adaptive block-based correlation process based on the sparse array of the extracted features. The flash projects the speckle pattern onto the object and the camera captures a single snap shot at the same time. In order to embed the 3D information in one captured image, we use a novel lens containing three off axis apertures, where each aperture was attached one color filter. Therefore, a captured image carries the information from three different viewing directions. The experimental results show that our approach is robust and convincing.

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