Geometric Modeling of Instantaneous Temperature Distribution in a Turbulent Flame

J. Doi, R. Yoshikawa, W. Sato, and S. Sato (Japan)


3-dimensional flame modeling, 3-dimensional temperature visualization, instantaneous temperature, interferometer


We have reconstructed a 3-dimensional instantaneous temperature distribution inside a turbulent flame of a propane-air premixed burner using multidirectional holographic interferograms and have visualized it by constructing a geometric model of the 3-dimensional isothermal surfaces. To reconstruct a 3-dimensional asymmetric temperature field, the interference fringe data were acquired using an eight-directional Twyman-Green interferometer around the object flame, and all data were simultaneously acquired. A ruby laser was used to obtain clear fringe patterns for this type of turbulent phenomena. The temperature distribution was reconstructed from the refractive index distribution, obtained from the fringe patterns, based on a computed tomography technique of a convolution reconstruction algorithm. Isothermal profiles were calculated in horizontal cross sections from the temperature data. All of the multiple isothermal contour lines in each horizontal section were approximated with polygons and then stacked vertically to form polyhedra of the solid model format, having side facets of the corresponding isothermal values. Computer graphics of the solid models, not only of the initial isothermal solids, but also of the solids resulting from multiple Boolean operations on them, were used to show the distribution in detail. This development will be of help in studying the local structure of an instantaneous turbulent flame.

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