Thruster Fault Detection of the Upper Stage Launch Vehicle Attitude Control System

T.W. Hwang, H.H. Kwon, S.J. Lee, and M.-J. Tahk (Korea)


fault detection and isolation, command mixing logic, upper stage launch vehicle, reaction control system, processor-in the-loop simulation


A method for thruster fault detection diagnosis for launch vehicle upper stage was developed. In order to protect the launch vehicle against the occurrence of faults, it is nec essary to detect and identify the fault, as well as to re configure the controller of the vehicle. Considering the upper stage launch vehicle using reaction control system, an analytical method was adopted in order to detect the fault occurred in thruster. The fault detection scheme can be applied to the system regardless of the form of thruster fault occurred - leakage or lock-out. Command mixing logic is changed according to the fault detected. Re sults from processor-in-the-loop simulation are provided to demonstrate the validity of this fault detection and isolation scheme for the upper stage launch vehicle.

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