An Approach for the Kinematic Design of Three-Speed Gear Mechanisms for Electric Bicycles

L.-C. Hsieh, H.-S. Lee, and M.-H. Hsu (Taiwan)


Kinematic design, one way clutch, planetary gear trains, and three-speed gear mechanism


The electric assisted bicycles can be used as exercising machines and traffic vehicles. They are more and more popular today. The transmission system of the electric assisted bicycle is reduced gear transmission system with only one gear ratio. The purpose of this work is to propose a design approach for the kinematic design of three-speed gear mechanisms with planetary gear trains for electric assisted bicycles. According to the train value equation of planetary gear train, we derive the gear ratio equations of planetary gear train. Based on these equations, three-speed gear mechanisms can be designed. Two design examples are designed to illustrate the design approach. Based on the proposed approach, all three-speed gear mechanisms with planetary gear trains can be synthesized.

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