Built-In Self-Test Techniques for Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits

J. Zakizadeh (Canada), S.R. Das (Canada, USA), M.H. Assaf, E.M. Petriu (Canada), and M. Sahinoglu (U


Automatic test equipment (ATE), built-in self-test (BIST), circuit under test (CUT), design-for-testability (DFT), mixed-signal test, OBIST, SOC.


This paper investigates oscillation-based built-in self-test (OBIST) techniques for testing analog parts in mixed signal circuits. OBIST methods require neither stimulus generators nor complex response analyzers, and have been successfully applied in testing analog circuits in mixed-signal system-on-chip (SOC) environments. In the paper, analog circuit test methodologies based on the principle of OBIST were implemented. Simulation results on some sample analog benchmark circuits are provided to demonstrate the merit of the proposed implementations.

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