User Interface Flow Diagram for Smart Phone Application Development

J. Silvennoinen and V. Avatchanakorn (Thailand)


User Interface, User Interaction, Modeling, UML, Smart Phone


UML modeling has been accepted as the de facto standard for modern application modeling. It is well suited to most applications and purposes. However, it still lacks support for User interface (UI) modeling. In past years several approaches have been proposed for UI modeling and UI prototyping that could be used with UML modeling. The main problem with these existing methods is that they require at least class diagrams to be constructed before the UI and user interaction models can be constructed. We argue that this type of approach wastes time and propose a method where the UI models are constructed directly from the Use Case diagrams. Also, contrary to the traditional approaches, in our method the class diagrams are derived from the UIs and in this paper we are demonstrate how this approach produces clearer more reusable application structures. As the UI structures are defined before application structure is defined with class diagrams, our method also supports UI prototyping in earlier phases of SDLC than do the traditional methods, thus shortening the overall prototyping phase considerably. The introduced method is targeted for Smart Phone development, but could also be used with other targets that have similar development and target environments.

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