Performance Evaluation with UIF Process

J. Silvennoinen and V. Avatchanakorn (Thailand)


Smart Phone, UML Modeling, Performance evaluation, User interaction


Performance evaluation is one of the key elements in designing good user-interaction - this is due to the fact that slow-performing applications can frustrate users and slow adaptation to the applications. Over the years, performance evaluation methods have evolved to suit different types of software development. In this paper we argue that traditional methods are not well suited in Smart Phone application development. This is a result of many issues. Firstly, they require UML activity, state and collaboration diagrams to be constructed before any performance evaluation can be conducted. Secondly, they only measure system execution speed, not other critical system resource utilization. In this paper we introduce a method, which derives UI flow performance from UIF and UML Class diagrams, by identifying critical components and their construction and destruction sequences. With this method the performance evaluation can be conducted much earlier than with traditional methods, since only UIF and class diagrams are required. Another benefit of the method is that it also takes into account system memory usage, which can be very limited in target Smart Phones.

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