Analysis of User Access Model with Guaranteed Video Contents Delivery

M. Kodama (Japan)


video contents delivery, user access model, guaranteed network, delivery server, video coding, video transmission


When video data are transmitted through the network, the other internet services may be influenced by the occupation of these data even if on broadband network. So data transmission methods for video are required. The studies for the video streaming service cannot be applied to such services, because the utilization of video data and utilization of network are approximately simultaneous parallel processing in the video streaming. In addition, to deliver the video content on demand, for the large number of clients, the analysis of the time cycle of network utilization and stored content becomes important. In this paper, we propose a video access model with guaranteed bandwidth considering by data transmission and browsing to study the effective on-demand video content delivery. It is the point that model parameters, such as, number of users, channels and contents, and access users' probability, are indicated and amount of usage time in accessed users is defined as service indicator. We classify the cases in proposed model, such as, stable access and access conflict in order to retrieve video contents. By evaluation experiments, these situations of users' access are made clear. Moreover, we indicated that there is the extra time of usage time of contents in the relation between users' access timing, data transmission and browsing time from both theoretical approach and simulation experiments.

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