Quality Control and Production Planning Problem of Failure Prone Manufacturing Systems

L.J. Nkeungoué and J.P. Kenné (Canada)


Production Control, Preventive maintenance, Manufacturing system, Markov process, Quality control.


This paper addresses the production and preventive maintenance planning problem of a failure prone manufacturing system with quality control. The machine can be in one of four states: good condition, fair condition (with products parts rejection), broken down or undergoing preventive maintenance. Our objective is to minimise a discounted inventory holding, backlog and operations on the machine (maintenance and repair). The decision variables are production and preventive maintenance rates. The stochastic dynamic programming approach is used to define the optimality conditions described by Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations. Numerical methods are used to solve the optimality conditions and the obtained control policy is shown to be an extended hedging point policy. The usefulness of the proposed model is illustrated through a numerical example. Numerical values of the control policy parameters are obtained instead of characterizing the optimal control policy as in previous works.

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