Modelling and Simulation of Industrial Systems for Fault Diagnosis Systems Design

J. Sá da Costa and A.R.C. Oliveira (Portugal)


Modelling, simulation, control valve, fault diagnosis


This paper addresses some fundamental modelling and simulation issues for a benchmark definition in the field of fault diagnosis in process industries. In particular, an industrial control valve for flow control will be extensively modelled considering the most relevant underlying physical phenomena and all auxiliary hardware inherent to these industrial devices. Normal operation conditions as well as faulty conditions are considered at the modelling and simulation stages, which results in a valuable industrial benchmark problem to assess the performance and reliability of fault diagnosis systems to be applied in process industries. Several of the most important faults, are modelled and implemented in the simulator. The numerical stiffness of the overall model is analysed and several simulation results for normal and faulty operation conditions presented and discussed in relation to the actual real operating conditions in a process industry.

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