Designing a Distributed Workflow System for e-Government

D. Beer, S. Höhne, H. Petersohn, T. Pöhnitzsch, G. Rünger, and M. Voigt (Germany)


distributed workflow system, hierarchical workflow, e-Government, software architecture


In the course of modernisation within public authorities, governmental processes are being improved and made more cost efficient. This can be done by adapting tech niques already successfully used in the private sector. Le gal restrictions in data access as well as the cooperation of authorities in non-hierarchical networks, however, require a different approach to this subject. In this paper, the execu tion of workflows arising in e-Government, is analysed and problem areas that arise out of the distributedness and het erogeneity of communicating systems are described. Fur thermore a distributed architecture for workflow systems and protocols solving these problems are proposed.

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