Micro-CT Determination of Bone Ingrowth into Porous Bioceramics

B.K. Milthorpe, A.C. Jones, and M.A. Knackstedt (Australia)


Microcomputed tomography, image analysis, bone ingrowth, alumina, hydroxyapatite, sheep


For tissue engineering of bone to be successful, it is essential that the growth of bone into scaffolds be monitored accurately and in three dimensions. Microcomputed tomography is a suitable tool for this application; however, the technology for processing and analysing the images and data are not well developed. This paper examines the use of advanced image processing technology to investigate bone growth into porous bioceramic implants from a sheep model after 4 weeks. Challenges that are overcome include: accurate phase separation despite x-ray adsorption of the ingrowing tissue closely matching that of the scaffold, specifying tissue mineralisation profiles and the development of metrics that can describe in situ scaffold pore analysis and local bone healing parameters.

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