Pre-Operative Planning of Dental Implant Therapy: Optimum Implant Axis Allocation

C.C. Galanis, M.M. Sfantsikopoulos, P.T. Koidis, N.M. Kafantaris, and P.G. Mpikos (Greece)


Preoperative Planning, Dental Implant, Axis Allocation


Preoperative planning of the therapy with oral endosseous implants is a complicated procedure with many parameters to be taken into account. In this work, a method based on processing of CT images is presented, that contributes to the automatic and optimum allocation (position and orientation) of an implant's axis. Respective optimization criteria are established in conjunction with the geometrical structure and quality of the hosting bone. The aesthetical result of the prosthesis is also considered, requiring from the patient to wear a scan template. An application example of the developed Imfix algorithm is discussed.

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